Do You Like Asian Films?

            If so, here is a website that will help you find more movies to enjoy. It's called Asian Film Ratings & Reviews. On this site, you will find over 490 films made in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Viet Nam, India, Thailand plus some American films with Asian stories.

This site focuses on dramas, period dramas, historical dramas, romances, romantic comedies, comedies, action/adventures, mystery/thrillers, musicals and documentaries. Kung fu and anime films are not included.

The listing for each film includes a small poster, foreign and English titles, leading actors, country of origin, date released, genre, running time, DVD availability plus a brief description and review. There are also trailers or scenes from 29 films plus slide shows and photo galleries.

Most other film review sites simply review the moves. They are not grouped other than alphabetically making it very difficult to compare films. This site groups all of the films into nine rating categories, from best to worst:
  • My All-Time Favorites (16)
  • Films I Love (34)
  • Films I Like Very Much (75)
  • Films I Like (112)
  • Films I Like Some Aspect Of (85)
  • Bad Films (46)
  • Films I Dislike (20)
  • Films I Hate (15)
  • Films I Despise (4)
This makes it easy to find the best movies to see (or the worst movies to avoid). The number in parenthesis is the number of films included in that category. To help you find a particular film there is an alphabetical index of all films on the site. This index provides the film's rating and the page where it can be located.

There are three additional film categories for films not seen:
  • New & Upcoming Theatrical/DVD Releases (11)
  • Films I Want to See (44)
  • Films I Haven't Seen... and probably Won't! (36)
And three categories that list the best films by type:
  • Favorite Films by Genre
  • Favorite Films by Country
  • Favorite Films by Actress
This site was originally created and went online in December 2001 with probably no more than a couple dozen films. Since then, the number of films listed has grown dramatically. It now attracts thousands of visitors every month. I hope it helps you find some films you enjoy. – John Nicholson

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