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On this page are my favorite Chinese singers, their CDs and songs. The songs are rated from five stars (incredible) to one star (good). The names are either the actual English titles, English words used in the song, or frequently repeated Chinese words. My favorite singers have many more songs that I especially like, but I don't know the titles.

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      My Absolute Favorites
 Faye Wong Ching Man

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CDs: Favorites, Live in Concert, Live!, Sound & Vision Deluxe, Hero, The Decadent Sound of Faye, May They Live Long, Faye Wong 1997, Ingratiate Oneself, Random Thoughts, Di-Dar, Restless, Toy
Songs: [5*] Brink of Love and Pain, Chesspiece, Decadence, Dream Lover, Fragile Woman, Frustration, I Will Marry You Tomorrow, I'm Willing, Kitchen Smoke Curls Upwards Again, Know Oneself and Each Other, Like Wind, Men Dou Lei, No Regrets, Pledge, Sky and Earth, Wishing We Last Forever, Yo Yi Tian Wo Hui.   [4*] Cold War, Ingratiate Oneself, Sky, Tempt Me, Thousands of Words.   [3*] Anaesthesia, Because of Him, Beginning from Tomorrow, Honeymoon, However, However that Day, Reminiscence, Seasonal Gale, Sleepwalk, Undercurrent.
 Gigi Leung Wing Kei

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CDs: Clockwise, Love Songs for Myself, Funny Face, Gigi, Washing My Face, I'll Be Loving You, I Like Gigi, I Live in 7A
Songs: [4*] You're My Baby, Aide Dai Jiao, Womende Ai.   [3*] I'm Fine, Sometime.   [2*] Sometime, Clean Face, Mo Huan Ji Jie, Gao Gao, Spagetti.   [1*] Prejudice, Clockwise, Turn Left Turn Right.
     Singers I Especially Enjoy
 Kelly Chen Wai Lam

Hear her sing
CDs: My Fault, Grace & Charm, Eternal Sunshine
Songs: [5*] Ou-wah-ah, Maggie Chen.   [3*] Baby Cat
 Na Ying

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CDs: Best from 1993-2003
 Chyi Chin / Qi Qin CDs: Winter Rain
Songs: [5*] Wai Mian de Shi Jie (The World Outside)
 Landy Wen Lan

Hear her sing
CDs: Baby Tonight
Songs: [3*] Baby Tonight
    Singers I Enjoy Very Much
 Jacqueline Wu Chien Lien

Hear her sing
CDs: Going Home
 Linda Wong Shing Pin

Hear her sing
CDs: So Special
 Cyndi Chao

Hear her sing
CDs: The Color of the Wind
 Valen Hsu Ru Yun

Hear her sing
CDs: The Clouds Are Gone
Songs: [1*] Tell Me You Don't Want to Say Goodbye
   Singers I Enjoy
 Mavis Hee / Xu Mei Jing

Hear her sing
 CoCo Lee Mei Lin

Hear her sing
CDs: I Have You, That's Enough
Songs: [3*] A Love Before Time (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon)
 Jasmine “Fish” Leong Chui Peng

Hear her sing
CDs: The Power of Love Songs, Wings of Love
 Joey Yung Cho Yee

Hear her sing
CDs: Solo Photo, Nine to Five
 Stephanie Sun Yan Zi

Hear her sing
CDs: Kite
 “A-Mei” Chang Hui Mei

Hear her sing
Songs: [2*] Baby Baby
 Bowie “A-Baw” Tsang Bo-Yi

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Warning: The CD entitled “Love Affair of the 8th Storm” has only three vocals, the rest are instrumentals.
 Cally Kwong Mei Wan

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Songs: [1*] A Lady of Ice
 Sylvia Chang Ai Jia

Hear her sing

Utada Hikaru “Ultra Blue” available on iTunes
In Memory of Izumi Sakai of “ZARD” (Sachiko Kamachi) 6 February 1967 – 27 May 2007
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Photos and Songs:   Camile Velasco   •   Jasmine Trias   •   Kellie Pickler

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