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in Orange County, California

Tutoring & Classes
• Learn to speak, read and write Mandarin Chinese.
• Learn correct pronunciation and grammar from a professional teacher whose native language is Mandarin, but also speaks English fluently.
• I am a native of China and Taiwan and have spent my entire professional career teaching Mandarin Chinese.
• I offer private tutoring or group classes at convenient times for working adults.
• I can also teach Chinese classes for employees at company locations.
• For adults and children with either no prior knowledge of the Chinese language or higher levels of fluency.
• Private lessons can be individually tailored so students can learn at their own pace.
• For travelers visiting China on business or vacation.
• You will learn words used in everyday conversation, proper pronunciation and basic sentence structure.
• You will also learn about the culture and customs of the Chinese people for better understanding.
• The 281-page Book 1 includes ten lessons, an extensive pronunciation guide, plus English-Chinese and Chinese-English dictionaries.
• The 10 lessons are Introducing Yourself, The Classroom, The Post Office, The Market, Describing, Telling Time, Days & Dates, Giving Directions, Getting Public Transport and Eating Out.
• The content of each lesson is intensely practical. The author assumed that students would be living in China and would want to communicate on everyday topics as quickly as possible. So, only useful vocabulary, immediately relevant to everyday needs, is included.
• Each lesson contains an activity related to the topic, to get students using the content as quickly as possible.
• There are four more textbooks in this series.
• Reading and writing of Chinese characters is introduced at a manageable pace so students will not be overwhelmed.

Contact Info
 Grace Chinese Language Tutoring 17595 Harvard, C200, Irvine CA 92614
Conveniently located for students from Costa Mesa, Fountain Valley, Huntington Beach, Irvine, Laguna Beach, Laguna Hills, Laguna Niguel, Lake Forest, Mission Viejo, Newport Beach, Orange, Santa Ana and Tustin.

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