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Welcome to the “Interactive Online Clothing Store.”

I have a great idea for an apparel website. A better way to show clothing. It's not like anything you've seen online. I know. I've looked at over a hundred clothing sites.

Most look like catalogues. With too many things to look at and options to consider on every screen. Pictures of clothes in little boxes. Lots of buttons beckoning you to other pages. If you look at a lot of clothes, going back and forth from category page to item page gets really tedious.

I thought a really great clothing website should eliminate all these problems and recreate the shopping experience of an actual store. Allowing customers to focus on the clothes without being distracted by all the other stuff on the site. After months of work, I've turned my idea into a fully functional website with over 100 different items of clothing and a dozen videos to demonstrate how it works.

The most important advantages of this site design are:
• The clean, uncluttered layout places the focus on the clothes
• It's easy to navigate
• It's easy to change an item's design and color
• Shoppers can make Side-by-Side Comparisons on the same screen!
• Shoppers can use the Mix & Match feature to create a complete outfit!
• The design of this site makes shopping fun

Now, let me show you the site.

This presentation consists of screen shots of the fully functional website. The descriptions here describe how the actual site works. To navigate this presentation, click on the Next and Previous links below. On the actual site you would click on the navigation buttons and photos of the clothes.
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