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Prerecorded Card
  • Recording capacity is 30Mb
    Record even more with data compression
  • Photo-quality four-color printing on the label
  • Each card is packaged in a clear plastic sleeve
    2-pocket plastic sleeves and mailers are available
  • Black text may vary on different portions of the order
  • Minimum order is only 1,000 cards
  • Available in two shapes: Rectangular 2 1/4” by 3 3/8” & Rounded 2 1/4” by 3 3/16”
    Custom die cutting is available
  • Manufactured to the highest quality standards using only the finest grade materials
  • Exclusive design features, patented worldwide
This card is being employed as an effective promotional medium by leading multinational companies such as Mercedes Benz, BMW, Philips Electronics, Shell Oil, Oracle, Siemens, and a promotion for Luciano Pavarotti.

You can record more than 30Mb by compressing the data. However, the files must be transferred to a hard disc and decompressed for playback.

The label side is printed with a four-color process. The background is mirror silver unless underprinted with white. Custom shapes are available at additional cost.

Several patents regarding the design and the different manufacturing processes of this product have been issued to the manufacturer. Worldwide PCT patent including the U.S. patent is pending.

Recordable Cards & MiniDisc
  • The perfect solution when you need less than 1,000 cards or when the content is different on each card.
  • Record your own card in just a few minutes
  • 30Mb rectangular design
  • 50Mb rounded design
  • 180Mb circular design
  • Each is packaged in a clear plastic sleeve
    Two pocket sleeves are available
  • Photo-quality four-color printing is available at additional cost

Recordable cards and discs allow you to record your own content including audio, video, graphics and text files. It is recommended you use the 1x recording speed. However, some drives will record at 2x or 4x. Recording can only be done once per card. Once recorded, they can be played on any tray-loading CD-ROM drive.

These cards are no longer for sale.

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